Dollar price in Scotiabank

Dollar price in Scotiabank



From Dollars (USD) to Mexican Pesos (MXN)




1 USD16.98 MXN17.64 MXN
5 USD84.9 MXN88.2 MXN
10 USD169.8 MXN176.4 MXN
50 USD849 MXN882 MXN
100 USD1698 MXN1764 MXN
250 USD4245 MXN4410 MXN
500 USD8490 MXN8820 MXN
750 USD12735 MXN13230 MXN
1000 USD16980 MXN17640 MXN
2500 USD42450 MXN44100 MXN
5000 USD84900 MXN88200 MXN
7500 USD127350 MXN132300 MXN
10000 USD169800 MXN176400 MXN
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