Dollar price in Banco Base

Dollar price in Banco Base



From Dollars (USD) to Mexican Pesos (MXN)




1 USD20.99 MXN21.67 MXN
5 USD104.95 MXN108.35 MXN
10 USD209.9 MXN216.7 MXN
50 USD1049.5 MXN1083.5 MXN
100 USD2099 MXN2167 MXN
250 USD5247.5 MXN5417.5 MXN
500 USD10495 MXN10835 MXN
750 USD15742.5 MXN16252.5 MXN
1000 USD20990 MXN21670 MXN
2500 USD52475 MXN54175 MXN
5000 USD104950 MXN108350 MXN
7500 USD157425 MXN162525 MXN
10000 USD209900 MXN216700 MXN
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